Senin, 02 November 2009

Teori Komunikasi

Theories Of Communication Processes
-Theories Of Symbolic Organization
Schema Theory
Attribution Theory
Narrative theory
-Theories Of Message Production
Constructivist Theory
Action Assembly Theory
Planning and Goals
-Theories of Message Processing
Three Classic Model Of Persuasion
1. Cognitive Dissonance Theory
2. Theory of Reasoned Action
3. Social Judgement Theory
Elaboration likelihood model
Inoculation Theory
Problematic Integration Theory
-Theories of Discourse and Interaction
Speech act theory
Coordinated Management Of Meaning Theory
Communication accommodation Theory
Expectancy violation and interaction adaptation theories
-Theories Of Communication in developing relationships
social penetration theory
Uncertainty Reduction theory
-Theories Of communication in Ongoing Relationships
Relational systems theory : The palo-alto group
Theories of relational dialectics

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